A Drive-away Company in Canada, for Canada: TSOA Fleet Ltd. Opens in Mississauga

The sister company of Transport Solutions of America will serve all of Canada

 MISSISSAUGA, Ontario—TSOA Fleet Ltd. opens its doors today in Mississauga, Ontario, as a drive-away company that will serve all of Canada. Unlike drive-away companies that are based in the United States, TSOA Fleet Ltd. is proud to be a Canadian company with all management and dispatch performed in Mississauga.

TSOA Fleet Ltd. is qualified to move all vehicles, from cars to large trucks, in every province in Canada. In addition, the company also has large, secure, private lots located throughout Canada to provide customers with convenient vehicle storage options.

Dispatch and Operations will be under the direction of Guillaume Arbour, a veteran of the transportation industry who has worked in many different areas, including logistics, dispatch, health and safety, and even as a tractor-trailer driver. That versatility gives Arbour a unique perspective in his new role with TSOA Fleet Ltd.

“I love to be challenged, and I want to continue achieving things,” said Arbour of this latest step in his career. “TSOA Fleet Ltd. is a family business, and I love the way the company is structured. It’s not a small business, but it’s not run like a huge corporation.”

The TSOA Fleet Ltd. management team includes another industry veteran, Kim Marais, who will handle Client Services. Together, Arbour and Marais have more than 50 years of experience in the transportation industry.

TSOA Fleet Ltd. came about when sister company Transport Solutions of America, based in Woodstock, Georgia, recognized the need for a drive-away company that was better able to accommodate Canadian customers. Transport Solutions of America CEO Tim Williamson had often worked with Canadian clients, but he wanted to do more than simply expand his company: he wanted a dedicated Canadian company to serve clients throughout the country.

“We want TSOA Fleet Ltd. to reflect the same values as Transport Solutions of America, with an emphasis on personal, exceptional customer service and outstanding safety,” said Williamson. “We’re proud to have a company that is exclusively Canadian, allowing customers throughout the country to work not just with local management, but also with local drivers.”

Learn more about TSOA Fleet Ltd. and explore the advantages of working with a drive-away company at TSOAFleet.ca.

TSOA Fleet Ltd. is a drive-away company with a specialty in smoothly handling your biggest problems, including cars, medium-duty service vehicles and trucks. We provide consistent, reliable, complete service for our clients: vehicles are delivered promptly by professional drivers, and we take care of all requested services en route, including registration, inspections and maintenance. TSOA Fleet Ltd. has drivers throughout Canada who meet our rigorous standards for experience, professionalism and proper licensing. TSOA Fleet Ltd. has its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. Learn more at TSOAFleet.ca.