Safety and Compliance

Safety is our number one goal at TSOA Fleet, Ltd. We strictly adhere to hours of service and other transportation guidelines as laid out in the National Safety Code. It is our pledge of safety to our clients that we hold ourselves to the highest standards.


Strong Safety Record

TSOA Fleet Ltd. adheres to National Safety Code Regulations, and we constantly monitor our rating. We have strong scores for safe driving, and we strive to constantly deliver safe, unparalleled service through ongoing driver training overseen by a qualified safety manager.


Safe Drivers

Our dependable drivers comply with all Canadian and local laws. In addition, we monitor maximum drive time, audit our process, and ensure our drivers are properly licensed across the country.


General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation

TSOA Fleet Ltd. is at the top of the industry in insurance coverage. Our generous multi-million dollar general liability policy covers every driver to give you peace of mind when working with us.

Staying Involved

We are active members of our industry’s professional organizations, which allows us to stay at the forefront of new safety and compliance regulations, training tools, and best practices. TSOA Fleet Ltd. proudly complies with strict emissions standards, as well.