Meet the TSOA Fleet Team Client Relations Rep Terry Turpin!

Here at TSOA Fleet, we value our clients, drivers and of course our fantastic team! Meet one member who is passionate about his work! Terry Turpin is a Client Relations Representative and the dedicated contact for Donlen Leasing. He also handles most of the vehicle tag and title work. Terry has been with TSOA Fleet since the fall of 2020 and has taken on quite a bit since then! Kachet Johnson, media specialist at TSOA interviewed Terry and shares some insight into what makes Terry tick. 

 When asked what a typical day looks like for Terry, he responded, “My days are fast paced and filled with many tasks from handling various client and driver inquiries, tag & title processing, rental set-ups, delivery notifications to the leasing companies as well as handling cross-border paperwork for our Drivers crossing the US – Canada border. I also support our office team here at TSOA Fleet.”   

In response to a question about skills that help him succeed, he responded, “The best skill I bring to my job is fluency in both English and French, written and spoken. This is a definite asset here in Canada to support the Team as well as in past roles in my career.  My experience working for fleet management companies makes me an asset in my client relations role as well.” 

We asked Terry why he loves working for TSOA. “I love the fact that TSOA is family-owned. I came from another family-owned organization, ARI (Holmen) where I spent most of my career. This was a big factor in my decision to accept my role with TSOA. Being part of a tight-knit company that is growing is exciting.  I love being part of the TSOA family and have felt so welcomed and part of something very special.  That is hard to find. While in its early years, TSOA Fleet is a definite asset to the TSOA Organization.  I’ve seen so much growth and potential since I’ve joined the TSOA Fleet. I am proud to be part of the team and look forward to a very bright future for us here in Canada.”  

In his free time, Terry loves spending time with friends and family and travels as much as possible with his 18-year-old Son Kieran and partner John. In Terry’s words, “Live, laugh, love is my life motto! I try to live by this each and every day in everything I do. Life is so short – live it to its fullest!”.  

Thanks for sharing Terry! We’re grateful to have you as part of the team, making a difference every day in the lives of your teammates, our clients and our drivers.